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You have 4 kids. One afternoon your 12-year-old daughter is tricked by a man twice her age to marry him. They go get married. Enraged, you go to the police and call out the bogus predator for attacking a 12-year-old. But you can’t prove she’s 12. They ask for her documentation. You don’t have it. Days later, your daughter is missing. You go to the authorities, and they can’t find her name in their system. As far as they’re concerned, she doesn’t exist.

But it’s fine. You have 3 more kids. No biggie.

Right now, we’re crossing our fingers that…

I think, therefore, I am

At some point, while diving into philosophy you’ll come across the question:

“How do I know, what I know is true?”

This was the idea that René Descartes explored. Through extreme skepticism, using a method of doubt, he breaks down ideas into chunks and validates those chunks, to be certain something is true.

Like sorting through a trunk of apples one by one, making sure no bad apples remain.

But if our only way of interacting with the world is through our senses, sight, touch, smell etc. …

In a world much more connected than that of Friedrich Nietzsche

These two moustaches changed the western world…

Learnings from my summer internship with CIBC

This summer I got to work at one of Canada’s biggest banks, CIBC. Interning as a junior product analyst on the Digital Delivery and Product Team.

I am grateful, crazy grateful. It’s not normal for teenagers to work at banks. It’s extra not normal for teens to work remotely at a bank during a pandemic when millions are struggling to keep their jobs.

I was not entitled to this opportunity, my gratitude is through the ROOF!

This article is for myself to reflect on the experience, to show gratitude to those who made the experience special and for others to…

A summer of interning with Zappos at 17.

Before we get into it Zappos is an American shoe and clothing retailer.

But that’s not what Zappos is to me or many other zapponians...

For us, it’s a company that makes people happy.

Zappos makes its customers and employees feel like family.

They do it through culture. Their company values aren’t something they throw up in an employee hallway. These 10 values are the backbones of Zappos:

Deliver WOW Through Service

Embrace and Drive Change

Create Fun and A Little Weirdness

Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded

Pursue Growth and Learning

Build Open and Honest Relationships With Communication

Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit

Do More With Less

Intro to fusion energy

The sun powers all life on our planet. Just like all-stars, it produces unlimited energy through a process called fusion. By fusing light atoms like hydrogen together under HOT temperatures (we’re talking 15 million° hot 🥵) and high pressures like those found at the center of the sun. We get a million times more energy than we would from a regular combustion reaction.

But wait it gets better…

Replicating energy like the sun is getting people excited because Fusion is:

  • Fast, occurs in a matter of seconds
  • Clean, creates little nuclear waste and radiation compared to fission
  • Requires few resources…

Peter Thiel on startups, life and how to go from 0 →1

What do you get when you combine 13 men 30-year-old men in silicon valley? The biggest online payments company to IPO at 1billion Paypal now worth over 100billion and valued more than double it’s parent company. What do you get when these men leave Paypal? One of the most valuable networks in Silicon Valley and the world: the Paypal Mafia. Going on to lead some of the biggest companies today like Tesla, LinkedIn, Yelp and Youtube.

Companies contributed or founded by the Paypal mafia

The chances of your company being a unicorn (+$billion evaluation) are 0.001%, but for the people in this circle, it’s almost 50%.

You only look once| YOLO object detection algorithm

The human eye is state of the art the fastest muscle in the human body, perfected by hundreds of years of evolution. When paired with the processing power of the brain, we can analyze and classify objects in a fraction of a second.

But how do we recreate this process for computers? Sticking a camera onto a self-driving car and crossing your fingers that it doesn’t hit someone isn’t a safe bet. Self-driving cars don’t just need to see the image, they need to detect the types of objects and their locations in the image extremely quickly.

We’ve been able…

Creating art with Neural Style Transfer

Guess which artist painted this?

None, my computer did!

Here’s how I taught it with the help of a deep learning algorithm called Neural Style Transfer (NST).

NST allows us to mash the content of an image and the style of another image to generate a baby image.

Birth registration on the blockchain, giving people ownership of their identities.

We love expressing our selves from what we wear, what we watch, how we talk and the people we surround our selves with.

But what if you couldn’t prove you existed?

That’s the reality for over 1.1 billion people who have no proof of their identity. They live with this burden facing social, financial and educational exclusion every day.

A single piece of paper ratifies our existence under the law, unlocking our human rights to a name, an age, a parentage, and a nationality,

but this is a piece of paper that every 4th child doesn’t receive.

A birth certificate.

Eesha Ulhaq

Playing around with blockchain and machine learning. 17. Trying to understand my self and the world.

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