Interning at a Big 5 Bank at 17!

Learnings from my summer internship with CIBC

This summer I got to work at one of Canada’s biggest banks, CIBC. Interning as a junior product analyst on the Digital Delivery and Product Team.

People ARE the company.

Growing up banks were these big buildings, with their famous logos and ads.

Make the details satisfying…

Working on a product team, the attention to detail was insane; every extra space in a PowerPoint, defect in the code was caught.

Communication Asymmetry is the root of most problems.

Every day our team had standup and update meetings and we often invited others. By giving others transparency on the project, it sparked dozens of new thoughts and ideas. On the other hand, having transparency on projects that I wasn’t involved in, sparked ideas and insights for my projects.

Be Clear.

Every company has its acronyms and lingo, but it’s magnified in the cooperate world.

Give a Pat on the Back!

After sprints, we’d hold debriefs going over, what worked and what didn’t during our sprints, as well as giving each other appreciation shout outs. Members on the team were publicly praised.

Measure success.

From everything to user testing and early product presentations, people want to know, how do you know what you’re doing is successful? What metrics are in place to determine that. Why those metrics?

Figure stuff out!

As a highschooler, school is nothing like a job.

Playing around with blockchain and machine learning. 17. Trying to understand my self and the world.