Meat the Future?

Meat from cows without the cows, Cellar agriculture

What is one of the biggest factors contributing to climate change, occupying 21% of earth’s surface land and only 3% efficient?

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Why current meat production is flawed

Uses significant resources: a single pound of beef uses 7000L of water, 12pounds of grain, 31.5 kWh about 4L of gasoline, 35pounds of topsoil!

But what if we could make the same meat, outside of the cow?

We have…

The Process

Stem cells are building blocks of everything; they can specialize into any cell. A single stem cell can produce up to 1 trillion muscle cells🤯

Benefits compared to traditional methods

  • 5.5x less water💧
  • No need for antibiotics, viruses such as E. coli and salmonella are virtually eliminated as the equipment is sterile. 💊
  • Reduce deforestation because it takes up 99% less land.🌳
  • Animal welfare; as meat demand increases, so will the prevalence of confined livestock factories where animals are often treated inhumanely. Though it is not cruelty-free, fewer animals are harmed.
  • Save energy, uses up to 50% less energy.
  • 75–95% less greenhouse gas emissions →less of a climate change catalyst.
  • Luxury foods, like Fois de Gros and Bluefin tuna, cost the same to produce as regular meats.
  • Save time a patty takes 9 weeks to make, but a cow takes years.⌛
  • the list could go on, check this out for more reasons

What’s Stopping Us?

Price is not competitive with the average beef burger(tho price has fallen by 99% in 4 years 🤯). The first burger in 2013 cost $330,000. Now, it’s about $11. Keep in mind few people were academically in the field back then, overtime prices will become cost-competitive as more research and talent break into the field.

Where can you get your hands on it:

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